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Product: Sereno Sistema De Custodia Automatica De Llaves



This process is fundamentally directed to those Firms where it is necessary the control of a large number of Keys, like Integral Services Companies (like Security, Maintenance, Cleaning etc...).

PRODIMAR has successfully completed the installation in A Coruna, as requested by a Company leader within its sector, of an innovative system of automatic control of keys (SERENO). This pilot installation was successful as a proof of concept of the system, so the Company decided to launch the development of an integral system that includes all the functionalities needed to adapt it to the operating peculiarities of their diferent branches.

The system allows for an electronic and computerised monitoring of all aspects related to Key keeping, from the moment they are handed over to the person responsible for their use, to the moment they are return after being utilized. The processes related to the custody of keys are managed through the web.



It is composed principally of 3 elements:

  • Electronic Key-ring: Which permits the identification by contact and radio frequency of each and every key. It has a passive function (without any type of battery) and with a design complying the CE regulations.
  • Module of Hooks (8 hooks per module), connected through a net of communications with the central body and which has several indicators, luminous and sonic, in order of guaranteeing the perfect and orderly position of all the keys in their respective places. Alternatively we could supply modular cupboards with capacity for 50 to 100 modules of hooks.
  • On-line application for custody of the keys which manages all the processes of management and control of the system of custody.

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