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We are a Company dedicated to the development of electronic and software solutions mainly oriented to Industrial and Service sector, covering all types of activities: Textile, Metallurgical, Food, Port Services, Logistics and Distribution, Transportation,...

The projects and solutions we offer include the integration of:

  • Custom designed electronic equipment.
  • Development of software applications.
  • Communications and/or control.
  • Integration of standard equipment.

The applied knowledge in Electronics, Telecommunications, Computer Science and Industrial design, allow us to provide the best solutions tailored to customers as well as an extensive catalogue of standard products.

We have a dedicated laboratory that ensures the design and evaluation of prototypes at a level of technological forefront, as well as greater speed and efficiency in our developments.

Among the innovations related to the processes, we have carried out the implantation of high precision machinery to automate as much as possible the work of the Company’s research team.


LABEL HPC35 Price Checker Multimedia

LABEL HPC35 Price Checker Multimedia

HPC35 is a new generation Price Checker 1D and 2D, multimedia with the last technology and a low price...


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